Jo-Anne Green, RN - Registered Nurse / IV Therapy

Jo-Anne Green, RN

Registered Nurse / IV Therapy

With a Master of Nursing and over 30 years of rich experience, Jo-Anne started her career journey at the Ottawa Hospital, laying the foundation for her expertise in Pediatric & Adult ICU. With continued education, Jo-Anne specialized in Pediatric Emergency and Advanced Trauma Care.

Venturing to Tennessee, she further refined her skills in the Adult ICU, complementing her clinical proficiency with certifications in diverse rescue operations. Returning to her hometown, she dedicated 25 years to critical care nursing at CHEO, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

In her retirement from CHEO, she embraced a new role as the owner of Rejuvenation Medical Aesthetics. Here, she channels her wealth of knowledge into enhancing well-being through IV vitamin drips and IM injectables. Her focus lies in fortifying immune strength, boosting energy levels and optimizing well-being.  She remains committed to personalized healthcare and holistic rejuvenation.

Authorized Associate of ReVive

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