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Should I See a Psychotherapist?

Should I See a Psychotherapist?

July 1, 2023

A psychotherapist is a professional who studies human behavior and thought processing. They offer talk therapy to individuals, couples, and families to help them overcome emotional difficulties and psychological challenges.

  • Scope of practice – psychotherapists in Kanata primarily focus on providing counseling services
  • Treatment approach – psychotherapy in Kanata employs an individualized approach based on the client’s needs in addition to research-based interventions and evidence-based therapies to address specific concerns

Consider seeing a psychotherapist if:

  • You need talk therapy, emotional support, or counseling to improve coping strategies, enhance personal growth, or work through life challenges
  • You require specialized therapeutic interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • You do not require a formal diagnosis or psychological assessment but still want to engage in therapy to address concerns related to mental health, relationships, self-esteem, stress, anxiety or depression
  • You are looking to improve personal relations – couples counseling or family therapy will help facilitate communication, conflict resolution, and improve relationship dynamics

Psychotherapy can help when any of the following indicators exist:

  • Withdrawing from people and activities you otherwise would enjoy
  • Anxiety and panic attacks when interacting with other people
  • An overwhelming feeling of hopelessness
  • Continuous conflicts with people around you
  • Difficulty coping following a traumatic
  • Significant changes in appetite or sleep patterns
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