Medical Services

Medical Services

Welcome to ReVive’s Primary Care Services

ReVive’s private pay patient-care model will provide you with a concierge level of service including comprehensive assessments, diagnostic investigations (requisitions for lab tests and imaging), preventive screenings, prescription renewals, form-filling, and referrals to specialists – all in a timely manner!

Why Choose Us

ReVive is not the only clinic providing privatized medical services.  However, we’ve certainly differentiated ourselves by offering all of the following:

  • An affordable annual registration fee that covers the 12-month period following the Nurse Practitioner’s start date – many OHIP uninsured services that are out-of-pocket medical expenses will be covered (sick notes, chart transfers, travel consults, and faxed prescription refills) *complex forms, such as third party physicals, are subject to an additional fee

  • In-person appointment availability with short wait-times while prioritizing urgent and acute care needs – if you’re feeling unwell, we’ll fit you in with higher priority

  • Regular follow-up and check-ins from your Nurse Practitioner – this may include phone consults

  • Copies of your test(s)/imaging results following review with your Nurse Practitioner

  • Extended appointment times for counselling, assessments, pediatric visits, prenatal and postnatal care

  • Ease of access to a collaborative team of health and medical professionals within the same office setting

  • Discounted registration fee with enrollment of children (see below)

  • Webinars on health topics of special interest

The objective of ReVive’s health education webinars, available to rostered patients and included in your registration, is to help you

  • Renew your focus;

  • Reclaim your health; and

  • Restore your resilience during challenging times.

The registration fee for primary care nursing services offered by a Nurse Practitioner may be covered by extended health group benefit plans. Check with your insurance provider and submit your receipt for health claims reimbursement to see if its covered. *Note: many insurers only cover nursing costs if performed in-home and may not reimburse services offered in-clinic.

Annual Registration Fee (plus applicable HST):

$600 per adult

$500 per child

Why Is There A Registration Fee

Unfortunately, the services of an NP are not covered by OHIP and the government provides no funding for startup costs or operational expenses including, but not limited to, salaries, supply/equipment costs, and software/hardware costs. *Note: services provided by an NP may be eligible for the medical expense tax credit.

**Registration fees are non-refundable

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