Footcare in Kanata, ON

Do you currently have a foot concern? From dealing with bunions or the need for diabetic footcare, we can help. We have experience treating a variety of footcare concerns. If you’re looking for chiropodists near you, give us a call today. At ReVive Health Solutions, we have a team who would be happy to serve you.

Our registered chiropodists provide the following services:

  • Diabetic footcare
  • Ingrown toenail surgery
  • 3D laser scanned orthotics and plaster casting
  • Assessment of bunions, hammer toes, and flat feet
  • Treatment of nail and skin conditions, corns, calluses, plantar warts, fungal infections, and foot ulcers

Inform us if you are experiencing a different footcare concern, as we can refer you to the appropriate medical professional. It’s important to schedule an appointment so you can get started on the treatment process.

For more information about footcare near you, contact our office in Kanata, ON. Our team at ReVive Health Solutions is ready to help with your footcare and other healthcare needs. We are prepared to give you an effective treatment plan that will allow you to live a happier, healthier life.


What is chiropody, and how does it differ from podiatry?

At Revive Health Solutions in Kanata, ON chiropody is a specialized healthcare branch that focuses on assessing, treating, and preventing foot and lower limb conditions. Our chiropodists are trained in biomechanical gait analysis, casting for custom orthotics, routine foot care, and minor surgical procedures for in-grown toenails. Routine foot care includes corn and callus removal, plantar wart treatment, treatment of fungal infections, nail care and diabetic footcare. The main difference between the clinical practices of chiropody and podiatry is related to the surgical training of the two professions.

What are common causes of foot pain, and how can they be alleviated?

Foot pain can result from various factors, such as improper footwear or underlying conditions. Our experienced team at Revive Health Solutions conducts thorough assessments to identify the root cause. We then create personalized treatment plans, combining advanced therapies and lifestyle recommendations to alleviate pain and promote overall foot health.

How often should I get a foot check-up, and why is it important?

We recommend regular foot check-ups at Revive Health Solutions to catch potential issues early. Whether you're experiencing discomfort or not, our preventive approach ensures that any emerging problems are addressed promptly, promoting long-term foot health.

What are the best practices for maintaining healthy feet at home?

Revive Health Solutions encourages daily foot care routines, including proper hygiene, moisturizing, and nail maintenance. We provide educational resources to empower our patients with the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal at-home foot care.

Can wearing the wrong shoes lead to foot problems, and how do I choose the right footwear?

Improper fitting shoes can indeed contribute to foot problems. Our clinic offers expert advice on footwear based on patient needs and activities. Revive Health Solutions also provides a range of recommended footwear options to ensure proper support and comfort.

Are there effective home remedies for common foot issues like calluses and corns?

Revive Health Solutions provides patients with detailed home-care instructions, including effective remedies for common foot issues. Our chiropodists will guide their patients in Kanata, ON, on managing calluses and corns at home, ensuring ongoing foot health.

What role do orthotics play in foot health, and when should they be considered?

Orthotics can significantly enhance foot health by providing custom support. At Revive Health Solutions, our skilled chiropodists assess the need for orthotics based on a patients biomechanical requirements. We offer personalized orthotic solutions to address various foot conditions.

How can I prevent and treat ingrown toenails?

Revive Health Solutions emphasizes prevention through proper nail care techniques. Our chiropodists offer gentle and effective surgical treatment options for ingrown toenails, ensuring relief and minimizing the risk of recurrence.

Is there a link between diabetes and foot problems, and how can people with diabetes care for their feet?

Diabetic patients are at an increased risk of foot complications, and at Revive Health Solutions, we specialize in diabetic foot care. Our comprehensive approach includes regular screenings, education on self-monitoring, and personalized care plans to ensure optimal foot health for diabetic patients in Kanata, ON.

What is plantar fasciitis, and how is it treated?

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition treated at Revive Health Solutions. Our chiropodists employ a multifaceted approach to treating heel pain, including orthotic prescriptions for our patients in Kanata, ON.

Can bunions be prevented or treated without surgery?

At Revive Health Solutions, we take a conservative approach to bunion management. Our chiropodists offer non-surgical treatments, including custom orthotics, footwear recommendations, and lifestyle modifications to address bunions and alleviate discomfort.

Are there specific foot care tips for athletes to prevent injuries and enhance performance?

At Revive Health Solutions in Kanata, ON, athletes benefit from specialized foot care advice. Our chiropodists provide recommendations for injury prevention, proper footwear selection, and recovery strategies to optimize foot health and enhance athletic performance.