Osteopathic Considerations During Early Infancy

Osteopathic Considerations During Early Infancy

May 6, 2021

Is your baby colicky, constipated, not feeding or sleeping well, experiencing reflux, or having recurrent infections?  Pediatric Osteopathy at ReVive Health Solutions can help.

Osteopathy uses a unique approach to treat pediatric health concerns, helping newborns and toddlers feel comfortable while providing reassurance to parents about their children’s health.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment is non-invasive, applying only the most gentle of pressures to your baby’s muscles and joints.  This helps to balance the overall structure of the body following the birthing process. A balanced physical structure provides a healthy start to a baby’s maturing nervous system. For this reason, pediatric treatment during early infancy is beneficial even in the absence of any specific health concern.

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